You deserve it. You deserve to be respected, loved, connected. You deserve to shine, to live with joy, to live with purpose.

Love yourself
“Love yourself enough to take the actions required for your happiness… ” ~Steve Maraboli

What would you be like if you felt better about yourself, if you felt more worthy of a good life? What if you had more confidence? Second-guessed yourself less? What if your survival patterns had less hold over you? What would be different? Does that future excite you? Scare you? A bit of both? What if you could get beyond that fear, beyond the hurt and pain, and move forward with compassion and love for yourself?

When you work with me, the only project we have is your self worth. That’s it. And at the same time, your relationships, career, health, everything. Because how we perceive ourselves affects every area of our lives.

I always offer a initial consultation, to find out what would work best for you. Whether or not we end up working together, you’ll get great value out of that initial conversation already.

There are so many ways of working with people too. Some want more coaching, some want more counseling, some want more consulting or mentoring. Some only want one, others want the whole thing. Our sessions are tailored to what you need.

Who would be a candidate for self-worth coaching and counseling? Here are some clues:

  • You find yourself susceptible to emotional manipulation,
  • you keep getting passed over for that promotion,
  • you are afraid to step into a leadership role
  • you give away your power to others,
  • you are frequently overwhelmed and don’t know which decision to make for fear of doing someone or something wrong,
  • you keep falling for controlling and manipulative partners situations,
  • you don’t feel you have a right to be heard,
  • you find it difficult to speak up
  • you are repeating old patterns over and over again
  • you feel you and your needs come last

… then you may benefit from self-worth coaching and counseling. If not with me, I can help you find a resource that will support you.