About Maartje

Self-Worth Coaching and Counseling offers individual sessions, group sessions, workshops and retreats.

You deserve it. You deserve to be respected, loved, safe and connected.

My name is Maartje Meijer (she/her). I have a Creative Arts Therapy degree from the Netherlands (Hogeschool Utrecht, 1995, with honours), and I took a year long coach training (Seattle, USA, 2012) so that I could integrate coaching techniques with the therapeutic methodologies. I continue to stay abreast of the latest developments in areas of trauma care and research.

I’ve had my own struggles and scrambles with self worth. I’ve experienced how self-worth affects every single area of my life, but most importantly, how it affects the quality of my choices and my voice. Some patterns were established very early in life in my family of origin, others accumulated because life just happened.

I’ve experienced the changing face of self worth in the many roles and requirements that accompany me in life. I’ve made it my mission to keep finding out where I’m giving my power away and recognizing the patterns that got me there.  I settled for way less than I was worth. Until I didn’t. And it is my honour to walk beside others who are learning to become more conscious of their worth, their value.