You deserve it. You deserve to be respected, loved, safe, and connected.

Love yourself

How does your sense of worth impact how you view yourself? Your relationships, your career, your finances, your spirituality? How worthy are you to be loved, cared for, respected by yourself and by others? What would be different in your life if you felt more worthy?

When you work with me, the only project we have is your self worth, and how it affects the areas that are impacted most.

Upbringing, media, society, culture, … we get messages from the day we are born about who we should be and how we should behave in order to be loved, accepted, respected. We internalize them, and they become the foundations for our beliefs and actions, and then settle into patterns. The patterns inform our choices. In our sessions, we gently, with compassion, take a look at these patterns and beliefs, how they inform what we allow, accept, tolerate. We look at boundaries, needs, values. And together we create a path that is more authentic to who you really are.

I always offer a free initial consultation. Sessions are offered by phone, FB audio, or skype audio only due to the pandemic. This allows you to find a private space or go for a walk without needing to be anchored to a screen or specific location.

Our sessions are tailored to what you need, trauma-informed, and largely based on CBT and systems therapy strategies combined with coaching.