About Maartje

maartjeSelf-Worth Coaching and Counseling offers individual sessions, group sessions, workshops and retreats.

You deserve it. You deserve to be respected, loved, connected. You deserve to shine, to live with joy, to live with purpose.

I’ve had my own struggles and scrambles with self worth. I’ve experienced how self-worth affects every single area of my life, but most importantly, it affects the quality of my choices and my voice.

I’ve experienced the changing face of self worth in many roles and requirements that accompany me in life. How it affects growing up, being single, becoming partnered, being married, being a parent, divorcing and being divorced, being a single parent, etc… Many of the experiences being societal and cultural, some of them personal… low self-worth always being detrimental to where I find myself. I’ve made it my mission to keep getting more self-worth and finding out where I’m “leaking” it, where I’m giving my power away to someone else.  I settled for way less than I was worth. Until I didn’t.

I was born in the Netherlands, and since then have lived in the USA (Florida), Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, back to the Netherlands, then the UK and now Canada. I am fluent in Dutch en English.

I have a BA in Drama Therapy from the Netherlands (1995), a diploma in Perinatal Services ( Canada, 2003) and I’m a graduate  of Accomplishment Coaching (USA, 2012).