L.A. in Oregon, USA, wrote:

My coaching session with Maartje was powerful. She is an insightful coach who followed her intuition in highlighting the areas that were important to me that I did not openly express to her. She listened to me and heard what I was saying and what I didn’t say, and she gently guided me to take new steps in a direction that will provide more life fulfillment.

K.A. in BC, Canada, wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions! Maartje has fine tuned listening skills, brilliant presence and exceptional clarity that assisted me to redefine my goals and lead from a place of essence rather than emergency.
I appreciate Maartje’s feedback and found her recommendations profoundly supportive of creating purposeful, inspired action. Thank you, Maartje!

P.W. in Ontario, Canada, wrote:

I’ve been on a path of self discovery consciously for many decades now, and my recent coaching sessions with Maartje took it to a whole new level. Maartje intuitively knew when I was skating into my comfort zone and helped me move through my fear into the space of possibility. I’ve learned new ways to assess whether what I have created is exactly what I want, and when it is a compromise with myself to keep me from having to take a chance on change.
I recommend coaching with Maartje to my friends, and so I would definitely recommend it to you.

T.W. in Seattle, USA, wrote:

Maartje is an awesome coach. Her abilitiy to listen, comprehend what I was experiencing helped me to BE present in the moment. Clarity and a deeper streghtening of who I am was what we accomplished.
Top qualities: Great Results , Creative

E.L. in Victoria, Canada, wrote:

“Maartje was recommended to me as coach who understood how to coach and leverage my strengths as an introvert. My intention in seeking coaching was to overcome performance barriers and develop leadership qualities so that I could grow professionally. She continually challenged me, helped me understand underlying barriers, and knew how to communicate and relay strategies in a way I could understand. Her style of coaching is more than settling goals and striving to meet them, it is an ontological approach to understanding what drives you, what sets you back, and how you can re-frame your context.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity